hello kitty cat
2001-11-14 23:19:44 (UTC)

rain..or night fall..

So today was a really icky day. I slept through Alg
II ...and English..and then I got to Oral Interp only to
find out we had to compete...I didn't have my pieces..and I
got a 0 for the it sucked..the teacher was pissed
at me..and then I went to history and fell asleep again. I
don't know why I am so tired lately. I didn't have a ride
home cause Katy left early to go to a dentist
appointment...and Alex is Dane drove me
his NEW corvet...I don't understand...he literally just
turned 16...He doesn't look it...We went to starbucks...we
met that guy Jim and Joselin there..Joselin thinks Jim is
hot..I think so too..but there is something that's weird
about him...they have the same exact music taste..even down
to the Depeche yay for her! So now I'm home
waiting for my Jason...I'll write a little more lately..I
don't have time right now to get too personal.