Older person getting older: Thoughts
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2001-11-14 22:57:52 (UTC)

Of Angels...and everyday more.

It wasn’t in me to believe the fantasy.
I could see her, touch her, even press my lips to her.
Yet with eyes opened, the room remained.
I requested her; even so by name.
I begged all of heaven and hell.
She: that might allow me to become
the man I ought already be.

So then, by the years I sat in silence.
A continuation of tranquility to wither the soul.
An epic to last until the day of my birth; thirty years
It was a whisper of breeze handed to me by the summer.
I say I never believed, therefore never expected.

An angel brought to me, by God
to wipe the tears of such solitude.
A guardian whom might lay my weary head.
A woman to place my hand to her face.

Now this I say to you.
Behold my world, a chariot of loves gentle kindness.
Behold my song, and melody of the truest love.
Behold world, this is my adoration to her that I love.
I pronounce her. I give thanks to her and for her.
An angel walks beside me this day, and every day more.
For this I say I love her.

I love you , Cheryl.
Love, Jym