a little piece of me
2001-11-14 22:57:37 (UTC)

today...so boring

today has gone by sooooo slow! classes were unusually
boring today as well. i think that's because it was
awesome outside today, and i am just a little bitter that i
had to spend the whole thing inside. ah well. nothing
much of interest happened today. i made two canvases
today. one was for our last painting in class and the
other is for my brother. i'm going to start his dragon
soon. actually, i may start it tonight. the canvas is
still at the school right now, cause i had to prime it and
it wasn't dry yet. i don't even know if i can fit the damn
thing in my car!!! it's a pretty good sized canvas
(3'x3'). i hope i can do a good job on it and i hope i get
it done by christmas so i can give it to him as a present.
we'll see if that actually happens. hehe.

other than that, nothing much has happened. conrad wasn't
in painting today, so that helped :) brett is calling
tonight :D i don't have any classes tomorrow. friday i
only have painting, then i'm done. i might skip and go
home tomorrow actually. nah, i don't think i could do
that. the teacher likes me, and i would hate to ruin that
by skipping. hehe. oh, in an phys, the prof said all the
rats lived and were doing fine. that is a big relief! i
was really worried about our boy. he was bleeding so
much...he's ok, though. well that's pretty much it. i
guess i'm going to go get that canvas and get started.
it's going to take a lot of work, so i need to get going on
it! take care everyone.


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