Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-14 22:42:13 (UTC)

way to much to come up with a title for !

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here !!!!!! I am sick of people !! Sorry but
people are thinking shit that isn't true,they are saying
shit that isn't true,they are being concerned when there is
nothing to be concerned about !!!!!!!! I am so sick of
it !! Look people you can be concerned but please if I get
myself into something I can get myself out of it !! I don't
get hurt easy , I can handle myself ! So don't worry !
Today started out great and then it just went down
hill !!!! Seriously everyone is thinking some stuff about
me that isn't true and when I say everyone I mean everyone
from my best friend to a random teacher to kids I don't
even know!!!!!! What the heck is up with that !!!! Look
people sometimes what someting looks like isn't what it
really is !!!!!!!! and to the ass who wrote in response
to my journal yea I can use a few
more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( excited marks ) its my
fucking journal !!!!!! If you don't!!!!!! fucking!!!!!!
like it then !!!!!!!! fucking !!!!!don't read my !!!!!!!!!
journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got it buddy ?!!? gowsh !!!!!
People !! grrrrrrrrrrrr! I can't believe this ! My best
friend doesn't even believe me ! Do you all know how much
that hurts?! I mean seriously I told her the truth to the
question she asked me and she doesn't believe me ! Or
atleast it doesn't seem like it ! I am so sick of it ! If
you people don't believe me thats fine but I know whats
happening and what IS NOT happening !!! ( if you are
totally confused as to what I am talking about write in
response and I will fill you in) ! I just don't understand
my life and why God lets things happen the way they do !
but whatever its not in my control !!!!!
ON a brighter note a college friend of my family's from
Bulgaria might come live with us when my brother goes to
college!!! That would be sooo cool !!!! I always wanted a
big sister ! she basically is ! See here is how my family
knows her :when my dad went over to Bulgaria to adopt my
sister Sylvia , this guy Named Ivan be friended my dad,
helped him around the country and with the adoption stuff
cause he was supposed to be my dads translator! Well Ivan
is married to Visilka and they have two kids Christina (23
the one who might come and live with us ) and Ivan jr. (28
now lives in California). Anyways Ivan helped my dad and my
family get Sylvia and bring her to America! Well Ivan is a
scientist and he got a job at University of Nebraska and
Christina came over with him ! At first they lived with
us ! For like the first year they lived here and then
Visilka came over and then Ivan jr. !!!! they then got an
Appartmeant and they all got Visa's and Greencards! When we
moved to Michigan we talked about when Christina graduates
she should come and live with us and get a job up here!
Well Christina is graduating from U of Nebraska as an
architect this spring and is going to move up here and
live with us ! and get a job up here and everything ! Her
and I are really close ! I love her to death ! She is the
coolest ! there whole family is ! I love them ! Seriously
it will be cool cause she will be like an older sister to
me again ! and she is like so easy to talk to and is such a
help and she loves to drive me places cause she never had a
younger sibling and so she calls me and my lil sister 'her
lil sisterz' ! She is teaching me Bulgarian !!! :)! its so
fun ! then I will hopefully eventually become tri-lingual
(sp?)!!! But yea thats that ! I really am sorry about not
writing quotes !!!!! oops I kinda forget ! I will write one
later cause I gotta bounce!