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2001-11-14 22:15:29 (UTC)

PlotCommentary for November 14, 2001

Well, PlotCommentary has moved. I am going to try this new
format for awhile and see if I liked it or what not. It
seems like it might work. Several other folks have live
journals. This way, it won't become such a complete mess
when it comes to making archives and so forth of that

It has been awhile since I have actively updated my
PlotCommentary. I hope I can do it more so now that I have
this diary site that I am using. Things should work out
much better now, from here on out.

My brother is in the hospital. Hopefully things will be
fine with him. Being in Huntsville, I am not really sure of
what the situation is with his health. It is quite the
disadvantage of me being here and everyone else being
there. You just feel handicapped and you have no clue of
what you can do. What mishuganah! Anyhow, this is just my
first and I guess, 'sample entry' into my journal of
PlotCommentaries! Here's hoping that this thing works!

The PlotShot