my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-14 21:41:41 (UTC)

Just freaking out

I just wrote brad an email, explaining what i felt, and how
he has been making me feel and i'm kinda scared to see how
or if he writes me back....ahhh i'm anxious...
I told him how he has been making me kinda depressed
because he has been shrugging me off and stuff and that..i
cant talk to him if he keeps doing it. I love him but...
he is like an old boyfriend even though he is not.
Ya know when it's alkward to talk to them and you just miss
them . Well that is how i feel about our relationship now.
AHHHHHH this is just crazy..he thinks i'm weird
already..but now....after the email.. just pshycotic. Oh
well he knows me better than everyone one else and he is
the most sensitive and understanding guy so maybe it wont
be that big of a deal
whatever...i'm freaking out.
ps..i finally got my hair done and i look just so darn
cute. I whole head of little ringlets..beautiful