the essence that is me
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2001-11-14 21:37:16 (UTC)

i see it all much clearer now

hey hey hey, oh man right now i am listening to the get up kids song
"red letter day" hence the title of this entry a line from the
song. i feel kinda bad cus i was talking to bloomfield kaitlin and
then she got kicked off or something so i got off and am on my moms
sn writing this and i know she thinks that i totally dissed her but i
didnt. i know that she doesnt like ben as a friend anymore i mean it
seems like none of the bloomfielders do. i wonder why? i love him
hes one of my favorite people, i bet if he went to canandaigua he and
i would be really really good friends but as it is he is just my
really good friend all the way in bloomfield. i totally hate him
hanging out with that gabe boy he is such a bad influence on him.
brandons just a jackass who i cant stand half the time. i am soo
excited that ben is coming to open mic tomorrow i mean i havent seen
him in like a month or so. today was a nice day. us history was
nice this is just a good week so far for that class cus the teacher
isnt talking about his fish and sports all the time. then i went to
gym... i mean physical education class. i loved it. i love to
ballroom dance it is so much fun!! i didnt think heather was gonna
be there bc she wasnt there this morning but she came in late bc she
slept in. i loved dancing maybe bc the guys in my class arent
complete idiots. the only problem is i only got to dance with mixs
twice and i didnt dance with him today and he looked so cute, he was
dressed up all nice for a presentation in pig..hehe...mixs is such a
funny character. i never danced with kuczma at all. its crazy he so
wanted to dance with me and i delibertly went to the back of the line
bc i knew he was in the front so i wouldnt dance with him. it drove
him crazy. i mean i wouldnt mind dancing with him but i mean come on
its kuczma and he was so determined to dance with me that it was fun
to try and not dance with him. i only had to dance with brendon one
time thank god. then i went to sh and wrote my english essay. i
totally b.s.d it. then i went to intro to occ and took that test it
seems easy so i hope i am doing right so i dont have to start all
over. then to math oh no i did so bad on the test i just know it i
didnt study and i didnt know how to do anything. in english i wrote
some of my benchmark which is really horrible. i dont know i always
write about love in them. in my practice one the girl loved the guy
but he was an alcoholic and cheated on the girl and when the girl saw
the guy with the other girl, the other girl ran away and the guy went
up to the girl and stranggled her. talk about twarted love!! then
in the benchmark i am writing now its about a girl that killed
herself bc she couldnt have children and she didnt think her husband
loved her anymore but really the husband loves her unconditionally
and when he finds the dead body he kills himself bc he cant go on
without her, sort of like romeo and juliet. then i went to tv tech
and frantzy and i waited for tom but he never showed up. and then
the rest of class we did nothing and went to dr.bills office and hung
around up there then came down and sat on the stage. then we went
out in the hall and sat while the boys were in the light thing. he
read my song and said it was gorry(sp?) but it really isnt that
gorry. and when i let marc read it he didnt even understand it bc of
the "big" words. then we went to our lockers and i got a cookie,
frantzy was being a bastard and wouldnt eat some of it. then went
back to class and it was time to leave. on the bus ride home i
talked to marc about well i dont remember but it was a nice ride
home. shriner loves me forever now bc i let him listen to the get up
kids and he loves em. then i got home and went on the computer.
luckily for me i have like no hw. and i cant wait till tomorrow bc
greg is supposed to bring the flickerstick cd in for me!!!!!yay!!!
and i get to see ben from bloomfield. the only time i dont really
like him is when he has a gf. he never wants to hang out with any of
his friends and is a complete ass to everyone so i hope he is just
regular ben tomorrow. marc and i are going to ride the cats bus into
canandaigua and hopefully we wont miss it like we did 2 weeks ago,
its all that damn cats fault. then we are gonna go to the salvation
army and i bet we'll see ben in there and it will be fun times the
rest of the night. i wish i could get a ride to see toms band play
but that is so out of the question. today katelyn d. gave me
pictures of the night of the open mic concert. in one it is where
katelyn and i are with kuczma dressed as a girl, it was so fun
putting make up on him and doing his hair!! the picture is
absolutely hysterical. he is even wearing katelyn's coat with the
feather things on it, it is such a classic picture. now kuczma can
never reach his goal of becoming a full hippie bc hippies just
wouldnt do that!haha that was a mighty fun night! yeah sarah p is
coming to open mic too i just wish more of the bloomfield kids would

ok time for the red letter day song

youve got some nerve i never knew, what with the world we gave away
in front of you. i see it all much clearer now. youre just a phase
ive gotten over anyhow. its over, im not giving in again. we're
loyal like brothers, just us versus all the others. were you the one
for me? are you the one for me? i trusted misleading promises worth
repeating. how could you do this to me? Red letter day that ive
learned im sure youll get what you deserve. i see it all much
clearer since...far past the point of this. its over...we're loyal
like brothers, just us versus all the others. were you the one for?
are you the one for me? i trusted misleading promises worth
repeating. how could you do this? how could you do this to me? and
if its a lie i dont want to be the one who signed. im not the one
who falls down, its over now, its over now. if you want to try...try
to forget it. its over, im gone.we're loyal like brothers, just us
versus all the others. were you the one for? are you the one for
me? i trusted misleading promises worth repeating. how could you do
this? how could you do this? how could you do this to me?

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