even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-14 21:18:28 (UTC)

again, im in the library...

so.. again, im in the library.. yay public school.... see
teh education im getting? updateing more than once a day
from the schol ibrary.. i think somethin g might be wrong
here, or perhaps, nothng is wrong, and im way way way ahead
of everyone, enough so that i can waste my time.. waste, not
the right word, use my time liek this... either way...
someone asked me todat if iw as ok.. i said yes... then i
said, not really, but i dont;l want to talk about it.. it
hought it was a nice gesture... im so tired.. i woke up
today and thought, maybe she wont wake me up, and just ias i
finished thinking that thought, she said, good moringn katy!

second period

so, i left my journal thingy at home today... sucks for me,
i realized that as we pulled out of the house htis mrning.
made me mad. last period we left theatre and went to the
library to play ont he computer, but, we only got one
computer and i didn't really get to write anything online.
linda was watching me, so i coulnd;t do antyhing... im hella
tired. i had a dream about stephanie fridae and jessica
smith at school, and it was raining. i need to sleep more,
i woke up thinking baout how i didn't want to wake up. i
took some kava kava last night, and felt better. sam rubbed
my bnack, and it felt really nice. i wa liying on the
floor, and joselin and sam where sitting on the sofa, no
talking, and i was.. thinking i guess about how nice it
would be for.. i.. it makes me feel weak to think this, no,
not weak, but.. odd? last night it hought, id liek a boy,
that would be nice, but really, i don;t want a guy, i want
some love, i want to knwo someone cares. and maybe i want to
knwo know osmeone cares justa little more... i have a
dentista ppt. today, which is good, cayse i need to get osme
cavitites filled, but also, its bad, for the same reason..
another plane crashed in ny... armageddon? i fukcing hope
not.. the other day, on the way home, the plane was all
tippy, but it was ok... im tired, and i want a car. we;re
thinkgin a passat/jetta. deisel, perhaps. a car owuld be
nice, i was driving kelly home last night, and we talked
baout her mom, and then we were tlaking baout dallas...
geeez... so, she get sout and i turn on the radio and its
u2's bloody sunday... made me sad... so i went home and took
drugs.. kava kava, but... no good... i think i don;t liek
that plan.. so, like 50 minutes leftb of this class.. then
lunch, oh no! then interp, then lunch.. aye aye aye.. iw ant
a cigarette, i want a nap, i want a back rub, i want to go
home, i dont want them to fuck around in my mouth, blah, oh

so that was today... im about to go to the dentst.. we'll
hoep for the best.. mo is ogign to meet naomit and i up
there, adn its like, oh.. good... now you get involved with
my heath car.. ahh.. she maeks me mad sometimes, but ithink
ive got it alll figured out and now sometimes i realize when
id o thinds that shes find agrivating, so this morning she
wa lske, i see that y9ur making abig effort to make the
mornigns more pleasnet and its like, no im not.. you're not
looking for a fight, bicth.... blah... but.. i have to go..