*blank stare*
2001-11-14 21:10:00 (UTC)

This is a poem Tiff wrote for..

This is a poem Tiff wrote for me. It's also in her diary
online, but I wanted to put it in mine. It nearly made me

She looks up with a smile
When I walk into the room
Her innocent face so precious
Her eyes as bright as an irredescent moon.
I look forward to hearing her laugh
And cherish each word she might breath
Every second with her, I can only smile
But dread the moment in which I must leave.
Sitting on the rocks together
Staring out into a never ending sea
Talking without saying anything at all
The wind silently whispers her love to me.
Looking into her daydreaming eyes
I know she understands and shares my love
As we lie back to see the stars
Only she knows what I'm thinking of.
The pain, she has felt it all
The horror she has seen it all
And though I've never seen her shed a tear
She knows if she needs it, I'll always be there.
Whenever my tears escaped
she was there to kiss them away
When my sadness and torment was evident
Her laughter made my day.
Without her in my life,
I know I'd die in tragedy
Without the beautiful face and memories
Of my love, my precious Mandy.

Love you too, Tiff. Best Friends... for life.