If I told you I'd have to kill you
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2001-11-14 20:51:03 (UTC)

Ricky * eyes get all dreamy and smiles ear to ear* *giggle*

I have a crush on a guy. His name is above on the title. I
have never had a date and don't really want one with just
anybody at all. He is my BFFAE's brother. She knows now of
just recently. A lot of people like him as well as me but
he isn't interested in them in the least. my friends make
me giddy just by saying his name, I can't help but smile.
The great thing is that I see him at the very least once
every two weeks at his house, not counting at school. I've
been in his room, layed on his bed, played his playstation
and computer more than just a few times. He likes to bother
me as well. is that a good sign? he pushes me over while
ting my shoes tells me to go home every time he see's me
(I really need a good come back!) and argues with me that
it is HIS candy jar. O.K. now for the last thing he is
older than makes me feel like he's out of my