le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-14 20:35:35 (UTC)

I am so disappointed

I was really looking foward to me and CJ going to Durham on
Friday night. I mean, really excited, finally someone was
actually going to see my old school, and the people there
were excited to meet one of my friends from home. Plus, I
know that making a mini-road trip with ceige would be one
of those senior memories that I would always have. So you
can imagine what it did to me when I walked into 2nd period
and he says "i have some bad news" I know its not his
fault. But that didn't stop me from walking promptly over
to my desk and eating the food I had planned on having for
lunch so that I didn't start crying. That's why i gave the
pizza away, b/c i knew i was just eating it for solace.
and now its almost like he didn't really want to go or
something. whenever i get told i can't do something i
really want to do i figure out every possible deal and
angle i can make with my parents or whoever to get to go.
i don't know. I'm just upset, but i should have known not
to plan anything. Nothing I have ever planned turns out
like it is supposed to. KT said she was going to ask her
parents if she could go, but I know that they won't be too
happy about the idea. I'm still going to go. I really
miss the people at s&m. I discovered how badly today when
i was looking at pictures from the halloween dance.