dismal life
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2001-11-14 20:33:57 (UTC)


Tomorrow is Mike and I one month anniversary...Has it been
that long already? I love him. I really do. I wrote him an
e-mail the other day about how I felt...He didn't get it
yet and today he acted as if nothing happenend...BLAH! I
shun him...I tried to act pissed but he's just too
beautiful..I'm a fucking sappppp...BLAH! again! But this
morning he was more loving to me than usual...He says he
loves me but I feel like I'm forcing him to say it. GEEZ!
Why can't I have a normal relationship...?

AnyWHO, I think I hurt Alex's feelings...He sees Mike and I
kissing every morning when we smoke our cigarettes...I
think he thinks I'm pretty but doesn't have the balls to
tell me how he feels...I like him but I'm devoted ya know?

Well gotta run....Buddha is calling!