If I told you I'd have to kill you
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2001-11-14 20:31:17 (UTC)

Our fights!!!!^^

This will be where I will record all of the fights between
my friends and all of the details!

S= ME!!!
C= Courtney Carter
J= Jennifer Carmichael
B= Rebecca(Becka) McCabe
------inner circle----------
Cy= Crystal Robichaud
Jy= Jody Drisdell
K= Katrina(Kat) Gaynes
Co= Coralie McClain
By= Becky Taylor
L= Laura Stevens
D= Desiree Leaman
M= Melissa Gaudet
Th= Tiffany Houssen
------outer circle-----------
Nov 14 Twenty-0-One
Me and courtney have had 4 fights as of today.
Nov 15, Twenty-0-One
B vs. K
first to show anger:K
411:K ignored B while she(B) was tring to invite her to play with
us. B kept asking her to stop walking and listen to her but she did
not stop.
Note:-Problably a spin off of their other fight recently, that we
thought was over but wasn't.
-They eventually came and played with us after By invited K
and Cy to come.
How it ended: it didn't really end they came and played with us
with out ignoring B.