Dirty Fractyl
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2001-11-14 20:19:01 (UTC)

personality test

Secret Agent

You're basically a smart, shrewd, loner. For you, a
lifetime in solitary confinement sounds pretty darn
fun — as long as they serve ice cream. That way
you could ponder life's mysteries without anyone
bugging you. But to those lucky enough to know
you well, you're a deeply caring person full of
energy and ideas. We wouldn't be surprised to
hear that you collected stamps as a child.

On a personal level, you're sensitive. You worry
too much about how you compare to others, and
your mood suffers under such intense personal
scrutiny. The flip side is that you feel extra happy
when things go well. You'd rather stick with the
familiar than deal with strange new emotions or
environments. But other times you feel confident
and spontaneous and have to suppress your
desire to belt out "Copacabana." Let's just say
you're kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Professionally, you like to work in a cubicle and
eat lunch at your desk. You like structure and
order, so you won't be disturbed. You like to
concentrate on the task at hand and avoid
distractions, or else you can get frazzled. But
most importantly, your critical eye means that
your final product is always top rate (even if you
don't see it that way yourself).

My comments:
I guess I am kind of the Jekyll/Hide type, and while I am a
loner, that first paragraph is kind of a stretch.