The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-14 20:17:11 (UTC)

September 18, 2001

Lukasz- My boy for life. Just dont understand him.
Sometimes I think that people tell him shit about me. Do
you think he would tell me? Im not realy sure because he is a
shady person. I wonder if Luke shows or has any feelings. I
look at him and all I see is a person who needs to wake up
and realize that other people have feelings. I think cause
I told Lukasz I liked him, things have changed. Like he dont
like to touch me or do anyhing to me anymore.I dont under
stand sometimes like I have done so much fo him and he
doesnt appreciate it.Dont get me wrong, he has done things for me,
but not as much as I done for him. Most of the times all he does is
hurt my feelings. I'm not even sure if hr even does that on purpose.
Who knows? Well lt me go back to doing nothing. i will alk to you
laters..bye byes..