The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2001-11-14 20:06:34 (UTC)

Part 2

Between the summer of 2001 and getting back into the
routine for school, was when all hell broke loose. The way I
feel for Luke is a way that no one would understand because
of the fact that im "bisexual". The feelings got stronger
and stronger but the friendship between us was weakening.So
what was someone like me supposed to do with all these
problems? When you have one of your best friends telling
you to stop talking about the one you love because she is
sick and tired of hearing it, or when your other best
friend that your madly in love with decides to find new
people to chill with. (Besides me)I was even to stubborn to
let that happen. I guess you could say that I actually
pushed Luke out my life but I didnt mean for that to
happen. Sometimes we would just get sick of seeing
each other but we would always deal with it. Well I never
got sick of seeing Lukes adorable face, but I did get sick
of Christine. I would get so sick of her I would actually
try to find Luke and just be with him for a while.
When Luke and I got together we would usually blaze a
blunt and go to his house and just lay on his bed and talk
about shit.We would talk about the funniest shit. Like, do
they have high ways in Poland? Also we would just cuddle
up and like flirt I guess. Like I would put my arms arround
him and play with his chest, or we would rub our feet
against one anothers. LoL might sound funny but it felt so
good that at lease I was gettin love from another person
that I knew had some what kind of feelings for me too.
When school had started everything was ok .When I mean ok
it was like Luke had Willie but I was still there. I felt
like I was the left overs of the meal. Chrisitne always
told me I wasnt, but I had felt that I was. So I became a
little more hard on Lukasz kinda like his mother. I didnt
mean for that to quite happen but it did. That was when I
lost him. It was all because of Nick Cizon. He told Luke
that I was talking shit about him. Just because he was mad
that he had gotten caught throwing Christines bathroom
appliences out her window. When I had walked out of math
class that day I saw Nick and I Said "whats up" to him. All
he said was that he didnt want to talk to me, because I
talk shit. I was like and who said, "I talk shit"? He said,
"Lukasz". That was when I flipped out and went into his
class room, threw the desk down and screamed through the
halls "LIAR", "LIAR", "LIAR"... Then I walked out
and never
went back. That night I had called Lukasz and he had said
he had never wanted me to call him or talk to him ever
again....And that is the end..
Now I could officialy get to telling you me daily life
stories. Until next time though..IM OUTZ Bye byes