Screaming Cathedrals
2001-11-14 20:04:08 (UTC)

Dear Will, ....

I would have emailed this to Will... but he didn't leave
an email address when he left me a message on this
journal. So... I just posted my response here being that
everyone in Hickory has nothing better to do than read my

alright,the reason i flipped out on you is because i dont
fucking like you,i havent for along time.all you do is
whine about how ppl mistreat you and how no one understands
you cause your so diffrent.

You say I whine about how people mistreat me and how no one
understands me because I'm so different? Where the HELL did
you get that? I've never ONCE talked about how people
mistreated me to you. Because people HAVEN'T until now. And
I haven't spoken to you since all this shit has gone down,
so you haven't heard a damn word of anything like that out
of my mouth. And people haven't been mistreating me because
I'm "different"... they've been doing it because they have
nothing better to do with their time. Hickory is boring..
so you assfucks make something to do by picking a scapegoat
and trying to fuck up their lives for no apparant reason.
As far as people "understanding" me goes... I don't give a
fuck who "understands" me or not. That's yet, ANOTHER thing
I've never mentioned to your or anyone else.

well if you wouldnt dress like a
dumb 16 yearold bitch who thinks there all dark and
spooky,then maybe ppl would understand i guess to
just sum everthing up,im tired of all you god damn dumb ppl
who insist on acting like little highschool kids all the you not know how to live without talking shit or
whining about anything?

Will.. in case you didn't notice... you used to dress like
a little "freaky" kid up until you got shoved up Jeremy's
ass. Then you realized how "uncool" they thought it was
and changed your entire image... so you're the one who's
trying to dress a certain way to impress someone. Once
again... I have NO idea where you're coming up with this
crap. I've never whined to anyone about how people don't
understand me... actually.. I've never had anyone have a
problem with understanding what I'm saying unless they're
an idiot and can't understand simple english... this
obviously being the case with you. And those people, I
don't care to associate with. That's why I've stayed the
HELL away from all of you. I don't want anything to do with
you. You are the ones that have so much fucking time on
your hands because you don't have a life, that you have to
come and try to fuck with mine and everyone else's. You are
the one acting like a highschool kid. Talking about how
you're going to beat someone's ass... and "fuck you" being
your primary response to any argument... that's REAL
mature, Will. Maybe you should actually put some THOUGHT
into what your saying and doing instead of trying to
impress Jeremy with how much of a "badass" you can be.

And I can't believe you'd have the balls to ask me why I
can't seem to live without "talking shit or whining".
You don't seem to understand.. I haven't said shit about
anyone. I've tried to stay out of this crap. I've tried
to stay away from you all... but you guys can't seem to let
it go and leave us the hell alone. Which is all we want..
to be left the hell alone. I don't want you to like me.. I
don't give a flying fuck if you like me. Actually, I'm
glad that you don't... one less idiot I have to bother
talking to. I haven't asked for your approval or anyone
else's ... so how about this... stay out of my life. All of
you. Just go away. I don't want to see you. Jon doesn't
want to see you... so go away. Obviously you don't care to
see Jon or I ... so don't. I'm not asking you to come hang
out with us.
If you all hate us so much.. then just don't associate
yourself with us or anything to do with us.. it's that
I'm not going to bother responding to the rest of your
message because it doesn't really matter. I don't care
what you think of me.. and Jon doesn't care what you think
of him. You aren't that damned significant in our lives.

Stay out of our lives and we'll continue to stay out of
yours. If you hate us as much as you claim to... staying
away from us shouldn't be that hard. Unless you want to
continue acting like the "immature highschool kids" that
you claim we are.

I'm so tired of this bullshit. I've been trying to wipe my
hands of it for months now. But the people here don't seem
to know when to stop and just go away. That's all I want. I
don't want friends.. I don't want to be invited to parties
with these assholes.. I don't want to see them. I don't
want to remember them... I don't want them to have any part
in my life... but they obviously want to have some part in
The cliques around here seem more like cults than
friendships... When you're in them the leaders try to
brainwash you into hating certain things and or
people.. .and if you try to leave they all want to kill you
and they try to talk everyone else in the clique into
wanting to kill you too. I can't wait to leave. I can't
wait to get out of this hole. Hickory is a dead end street.
All the people here are going no where.. maybe that's what
makes them so violent.