What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-11-14 19:36:12 (UTC)

Reality Check.

It's Friday night and you are driving your car.

( what kind of car are you driving?)


You can only have FOUR other people in the car with you.

( who is in the car with you?)

As you drive, you and your friends start chillin to some

( what song are yall listening to?)

So, you are chillin to some music with four other people

all of a sudden this crazy driver hits you in the back!

You are flying down the road out of control.

You hit a speed bump and the car flips and lands upside-
down in the grass
beside the road.

You lay there crying because you are in so much pain

You hear nothing but silence.



You try to yell out to your friends, but you are in so much
pain and shock
the words won't come out.

You lay there for about 2 minutes, but to you it seems like
60 minutes.

You finally hear something.

You hear the ambulance and you have never felt more

You lay there, still in the car, thinkin about your




past holidays,

old friends

old lovers

You start to pray for the other people in the car and for

The paramedics get you out of the car, put you on a
stretcher, and then into
the ambulance.

you see nothing and hear nothing but a are

You don't get a chance to see the other people that were in
the car with you

As they ride drive to the hospital, you pray and think to

"Am I going to die?"

Where are my friends?

Are they okay?

What's going to happen to me?.........

Did you die or not?

What happened to your friends that were in the car with

They all died.

All of the other people in the car died.

They are all gone.

You never got to see them again.

As for you...

you died too.

Wait you were just imagining....right

But what if it were real? What if it really happened to

Think about it.

That car was the LAST car you were EVER in with your

Those four people were the LAST people you EVER saw.

Did you pick the four people in the car with you wisely...

or do you wish that someone else was in the car with you?

The song you were chillin to was the LAST song you EVER

Don't you wish you would have had the chance to tell
everyone you loved them?

Don't you wish you could have told your parents you loved
them one last time?

Don't you wish you could have kissed your boy/girlfriend
one last time?

Don't you wish you could have told your crush how much you
loved them?

Don't you wish you could hug your friends one last time?

Don't you wish you had the chance to do all of those

You still do.

Send this email to everyone you love, hate,...

friends, family, even enemies.

Just send this to everyone you know.

This really didn't happen to you.

Pray for all of the people that it DID happen to

AND remember this quote: "Live every day to its

and when someone says that they love you,

know the meaning of it and mean it when you say it too.

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