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2001-11-14 19:05:39 (UTC)

my morning.....with the horses

I am so tired now. This morning I went with mom to load
and haul a horse for one of moms friends. The horse is so
stubborn, and he wouldnt go in the trailer. Oh but hes so
pretty. I think if Cassie wasnt there we would have got
him to load. But he was all rearing and like kickin. Not
so good. Mom got her foot stepped on, so so so OUCH. Not
that I have ever had my foot stepped on, but I can only
imagine the pain. We were out there for almost 4 hours
trying to get him to load. And mom had to be to work, so
we decided to leave him there for a couple days with out
horses. Oh yeah, did I mention that I have a horse? His
name is Cherokee, and hes 28. Yeah almost 10 years older
then me. Just missed that by like 2 months. But my sis
gave him to me cuz we get along so much better then her and
him. Shes one that wants things done her way, done right,
and done right then. She has the patients for horses tho,
and shes really good with them. I think that shes gonna
have a good career with them. And I hope so.

But anyway, yeah we finally talked Cassie into leaving him
there for like a week, instead of riding him 15 miles to
where her dad lives. Besides I dont think Leo is feeling
all that good, and hes tired. I think that all of us are
tired. Well I am gonna go jump in the shower now and then
maybe find something to eat. I hate eating, its like a
chore to me. Then again all chores have to be done
eventually, and my tummy is saying "NOW"

So I love you Andrew, my love, my life, and my world....