Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!
2001-11-14 18:35:01 (UTC)

starbucks killed kurt cobain

i swear. see, back in the day of the early 90's... there
were two things in seattle...

starbucks and nirvana.

see starbucks is an evil orginization, that puts evil
additives into their beverages that transform people into
bad singers, and brainwash them so they can be cannon
potter for their wars.

starbucks is a secret department of the us government.

they started the mickey mouse club. they brought little
insecure children like britteny, chirstina, and those nysnc
chillens to their stardom. they told them that if they
drinked their coffee, they would be stars... and make big
bucks (starbucks!) so since these kids obvously dont think
for themselves, they agreed.

kurt also was a victum... but he realized it early on.
since this coffee was extremely addictive, he needed
something else to get him off of it. so he turned to
heroin. he began to fear starbuck's growing power, so he
released an album that warned the public of the dangers of
this corperation. unfortunately, the record was only
released in certain areas of the world.... the us needed to
destroy all copies of it... so they started bombing random
places, and called it the gulf war.

starbucks couldnt be exposed, so they killed kurt and made
it look like a suicide. everyone knows he was murdered

want proof? whos seen that foo fighers video, learn to fly.
well dave grohl (who was the drummer for nirvana) wanted to
expose this scheme, but is too stupid to do it in a more
efficient manner. so the video was the best he could do.
everyone died from coffee remember? and what coffee is
served on commercial airlines again? starbucks?

even the pop stars are starting to reveal hints in their
songs... "im a genie in a bottle..." yeah a frappichino
bottle. she is stuck man...

"i lie awake, i cant sleep, blah blah..." weve heard that a
million times. its cause they are buzzing on caffiene man!
its bad news man... watch out.

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