i have to be perfect

i hate my life
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2001-03-25 02:57:24 (UTC)

Sometimes life just gets so..

Sometimes life just gets so stressful! I just feel like I
want to scream. My mom is so rediculous!!. We ended up
getting in the biggest fight over the stupidest thing. All
I said was that I really wanted to go to the Buzz Fest( an
event with lots of kick ass punk rawk bands) My mom then
went on to say that I could not go because of the people
there. That really really made me mad. I mean, I have never
smoked or drank anything and she knows that, yet she
refuses to trust me. What can I possibly do???? My mom
tries to control my life because she can not control the
things happening in hers, that is what i have concluded
from her actions.