Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!
2001-11-14 18:22:39 (UTC)

the castle

in the whispers where no one's around, there is a castle.
its master is davey havoc.

davey havoc's master is tim armstrong cause tim is punk as
fuck and can beat up little davey cause hes just a dark emo.

but, on the top of the pecking order, there is mat... who
kicks the shit out of everyone. mat is punk as fuck. he
beats them all up with an iron.

"no mat!!! not the iron!!!"
"damn straight the iron tim armstrong! you little bitch!"


davey has a collection of pumkins. inside these grand
pumpins are: mike conroy with a hamster, little sid, and
scoopers boy josh. the poor kids. the pumkins are guarded
by jon connelly cause he is really really punk.

in the top tower, is evil saten lauren, with her cat,
plotting revenge on the world.

nat eston has a room... it is pink and fluffy and frilly
and lacey. he dances around everynight in pink
dresses...."i feel pretty! oh so pretty!!" nat has a

of course, justin sane and pat thetic have a room covered
in upsidedown flags. they are so punk. justin usually keeps
pat in the ajoining bathroom.

pat~ "justin, can i come out now?"
justin~ "guu blak blahhh argh moorf gu ba ba!!!"
pat~ "yes sir!"