the soap my life turns:)
2001-11-14 18:11:00 (UTC)

the slug

that is his new nickname....maybe if i put some salt around
the house it will keep him away. oh is he a peice of work.
will he just move away already. well i did get child
support last week $100. the first in five weeks.

well now when he talks to me he studders....oh please and
the academy award for best dramatic performance goes
to...the slug!

anyway after dealing with him last night...i had a nice
relaxing night...lit my candles and lounged in the bubble
bath for an hour and a half. part of the time i was on the
phone but it was a nice conversation...nothing stressful.
Was going to read after i got off the phone but just
decided the hell with it and just soak.

i think my two year old has a crush on his teacher. oh he
is going to be a huge scary. I'm scared that i'm
not going to be able to raise them right....that i'm
screwing them up somehow.

i feel like all this stress with costody and divorce will
never end. like it will last for another 16 years.

i'm so ready to tell him to either step up and be a father
or sign your rights to them over. UHHH.......slug is the
perfect name for him.