Savage Garden
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2001-11-14 16:25:10 (UTC)


What the fuck is it with talk shows and getting people who
can barely speak english or better yet, why do they get the
ones that have to SPECIAL order chairs for, or get ones that
have teeth falling form their mouths ?

Today on Jerry....'My father is sleeping with the sheep' or
'My husband doesn't know I'm a stripper'.

I swear these topics are stupid! Yet none the less I end up
watching them and shouting, 'Jerry, Jerry!' Along with the

I almost died today!

Not literally, I mean from laughter.

I was watching Jerry Springer, which I am sure EVERYONE has
heard about.

Okay, anyway, there were these three guest. Two guys and one

Of course the girl was with one man while cheating on him
with another and of course she had to be a stripper.

Now she came out with the man she was cheating on saying how
she loved him and so on and so on.

Now the guy she was cheating with, was a LITTLE PERSON.

The audience cracked up, as did I.

The next thing you know the boyfriend came out and went to
attck the LITTLE PERSON, becuase Jerry had him listening in
the back.

So the boyfriend was about, oh say...I don't know, 6 foot
something and the man whore/gf's lover was like 3 foot 2

Now Jerry speaks into the microphone as Steve and the other
security guard holds the two men back.

Jerry goes, ' should
pick on someone your own size.'

Next thing you know, Steve and the other guard let go of the
men and the boyfriend gets on his kness and punches the
little person right in the face!

It was a LOVELY episode.

I think that's all for now. Yep it is.

I just wanted to share that!

Oh and I can't get on yahoo!

Bastards LOVE to pick on me.


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