the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-11-14 15:38:15 (UTC)

itch itch itch itch.....AHHHHHH!!!!

im still covered in poison oak and it has spread yet again
josh rubbed caladryl on my legs last night and it seems to
be clearing a little.....

i was so excited last night i was actually able to drink
and not get typsy at all....josh mixed some stuff together
and it was really good......josh was trashed ...oh my it
was funny....but i took care of him and was at paul
michaels until 4:30 this didnt call or wake
up when i came in ...but im waiting for the aftermath

im sick ears are bothering me like when i had
mono and my throat hurts..not to mention im straining to
keep myself from scratching b/c i think if i do i might
just bleed...b/c i dont think id be able to stop once i

i once again slept through my first class of the day
and im off to math here in about a half hour

well love all
talk soon