Courtney's Pages
2001-11-14 15:37:41 (UTC)

Mornings Suck!!

I was not ready for thismorning!!!!!!!!! I didn't get up
for class(oops!) but thats alright. I hate foundations of
education anyway! I just wanted to stay in bed. Now I am
awake(it's 10:30) and I should get dressed and start doing
stuff like go and get my pin number so I can register for
classes, I promised Eric that I would go to the Health
Center and get the thing on my shoulder checked out, and I
was thinking that I would call Budget Motel and see about
that job that they're advertising in the Pocono Ledger or
whatever the paper is called. The thought of doing
anything today is just not going well right now. I think I
just need some coffee or something. I better get going who
knows when my advisors office hours are. I dont like her
she is scary!!! She has a funny eye and I feel bad because
if you wanna be polite and look someone in the eye you have
to stare if they are lazy eyed or something. Maybe I am
just a great big dork who is lazy. Who knows. Well this
great big dork is gonna get moving so she can register for
classes today and get the ones she needs before they are