~A State of Perpetual Narcolepsy~
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2001-11-14 13:51:08 (UTC)


Well, I guess it's over. -8:36 AM

Since I don't like wasting pages, or online pages, I might
as well write some more stuff here. (I'm also really
pissed off cuz I was going to copy and paste the online
conversation between me and Jonny here but at the end of
it, I got really pissed off and just exited the whole
program. You have no idea how many times I tried to bring
it back up.

On Monday night, after Jonny made me feel bad when we were
playing Gran Turismo, I ran up to my room and laid on the
bed and cried. I ended up writing this poem that night.

Once, there was a light
It was a little much too bright
It lit the fucking whole damn sky
It made the people close their eyes

They clawed at their eyes, and begged to the sky
To relieve their pain and just let them die
They tore off their limbs, one by one
Until they realized they had left none

They wandered around, they could not see
They begged to the sky to be set free
They begged for it to just let them be
Oh wait!- Those people were really me.

There was no light, it was just a disease
And as much as I begged, it would never leave
It invaded and tormented the thoughts in my head
And I've never wanted more than to right now be dead.


This is what I managed to salvage of our conversation:

Cute301Guy: can you call me now
YellowBenzChick: Why?
Cute301Guy: because I said so
YellowBenzChick: I don't want to talk on the phone with you.
Cute301Guy: that's cold
YellowBenzChick: I'm sorry.
Cute301Guy: don't be sorry
Cute301Guy: just pick up the phone
YellowBenzChick: Why?
YellowBenzChick: I really don't want to hear your voice.
YellowBenzChick: Really.
Cute301Guy: pick up the phone
YellowBenzChick: NO!
YellowBenzChick: stop it
Cute301Guy: yes
Cute301Guy: pick it up
YellowBenzChick: NO!
Cute301Guy signed off at 8:46:21 AM.

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