Birdy: Where am I now?
2001-03-25 01:09:39 (UTC)

Well, I m back. I was bored and..

Well, I'm back. I was bored and I have a lot on my mind, so
I thought that I'd write again. Writing is one of the only
things in life that makes me feel good. Anyway, I got in a
fight with Kate. It was her own fault. She's always telling
me how funny I am and that she loves me like a sister, but
what does she do? She tells the guy I like that she doesn't
want to go out with him because I'll be mad and that if he
wanted to dance with her at a dance he had to dance wirh me
like six times. What Crap! Sure I liked him A LOT, and of
course I got mad when he payed more attention to her than
me, and I was jelouse of her but I still wanted them to go
out, for his sake anyway. I'm jelouse of her because she
has everything I ever wanted and yet, she's still and
ungreatful little wretch! Anyway, the point was, she wasn't
even supposed to tell him that I liked him! I would have
been mad if they went out, but not at her and I would have
hidden it behind my usual "Birdy Smile." You wanna know
what one of my friends just said to me? I told her I was in
a horrid mood and she goes "Your never in a horrid mood!"
See, I cover it well, I should be proud. Anyway, back to
Kate. After that whole incident, I told her exactly what I
thought of her and then, when she was about to leave (I was
on IM) she tried to make me feel sorry for her by saying
she was sorrry and she still loved me. But I won't let her
get off that easy. She probably doesn't regret it. She is
such a spoild brat! And Karen, her best friend and one of
mine also, is no better! The populars always come before
her real friends. Alexa is barely part of our group, even
though she sits with us at lunch. I was the only one she
didn't invite to her b-day party out of all of us! I
dislike her, also. She is a snob. Carlie is my best friend,
but she is sooooooo smart and she always fishes for
compliments and it's sickening! Claire can be annoying but
she's aight I guess. ANyway, now I gotta go for real. I'll
write later though.