Censored For Your Pleasure
2001-11-14 11:53:11 (UTC)

I found out today that my..

I found out today that my parent have been to Mt Eliza and
filled out forms. They didn't really tell me much. They're
being secretive about it and I don't know why. It's odd.
Damn this is ganna hurt when I don't get it.

There are sooo many things I've thinking about lately. I
can't write them down. I hate that I can't write them. I
hate that it matters how other people are going to react.
It's so stupid. It never used to matter. But now there's
so aspects I have worry about before I say somehting. And
nothing will ever be done about. So I'll write a few
things in cryptic and more of it be left.

It's stuck in my head. You got it stuck in my head. It