2001-11-14 08:29:00 (UTC)

wed, nov. 14. 3:26 a.m.

ok, so i'm starting a diary. i've never really been able
to keep one on paper, so i'm trying it online. i can't
imagine anyone will want to read it, so this is really for
it's late right now, after 3 in the morning, and i have
class in a few hours, but i can't sleep. ever since jamie
broke up with me last week, it's been really hard. i
thought we'd be together forever- i really did. she caught
be so unexpectedly- i felt like i'd been slapped. now, i
just miss her so much; she says it will be at least a
month before she could really consider dating me again.
god, thats a long time. and of course, she won't
necessarily decide she wants to date me again in a month-
and damn, will that hurt. all i can do now is hope.