DayDream Believer
2001-11-14 07:43:03 (UTC)

My so called life..

My father was drinking agen yesterday, afther he went to
bed me and my mother was the only one awake and she wanted
to talk about it, so we did.
She was wondreing what I thougt about it , I told her the truth, Im
not verry found about it, but I dont care that much, as long as
nobody get hurts. She thought things where getting better, she goes
and talk to some AA pepole about it. I told her that I felt sorry for
her and that I was wondering how much Grace knew about this.
No one has talked to Grace about this, we dont want to worry her,
but Im gonna chek if she know something, and if she does we have to
talk about it. I love her so verry much, Ive been raising her,
takeing care of her and fight with her, I want to pretect her from
everything thats bad.
Things got pretty bad Saturday afther I left, my father was angry
cause he diddnt like the dinner we made for the kids who was sleeping
over, but things are pretty okey now.

I finished my wicca project yesterday, it feels good, it turned out
pretty good I think.
I havent been eating since Sunday so I feel a bit sick, but I dont
have time to think about it, today Im going in to town to my job
there and talk to some pepole there, Im a bit mad at them so hopfyly
we work it out.
Its all my ex boyfreinds foult, he get mixed in in my life, I hate
Maybe I`ll have to talk to him about that, he cant controll my life
and I dont need him.
Thats probobly the problem, he has finaly realise that I dont need
him so now he is making me needing him, but its not woring that good,
ofcurse, it makes me some problems, epecially when I havent go my pay
chec and I have beeen working there for two months, but I`ll tell
you more about it later.