Monties life
2001-11-14 07:18:18 (UTC)


Dear Diary~
Once again in our great country, innocent people have
died due to a plane crash. I don't understand why all
these people have to die. Who is doing this? Why are they
doing this? Is this God's way of telling us that we are
doing something wrong? Or are there other forces at work
here? Maybe the Mourning Star perhaps? So many questions
and the only answers that I hear are political ones. I
don't think that's the whole story here. I do think that
there's more to it than that. I believe in God and the
Devil. You can't believe in one without the other. I have
heard people say that your life is what you make it. Now I
believe that there is a hand in everything that happens,
whether good or bad. Everything happens for a reason and
is destined to happen no matter what. (This is only what I
believe and is not meant to influence anyone.)
I have a reason for what I believe and will tell you
now. In the summer of 1992 my mother took me to the
opening of Feista Texas in San Antonio. I was allowed to
ride the Rattle, a roller coaster that just happened to
have a camera on the ride. (Please allow me to jump around,
this will soon make sense.) 5 years later, on my 16th
birthday, my mother let me attend my first rock concert.
That night everybody was taking pictures. And three and a
half years ago I made a new friend who introduced me to my
husband. About a year ago, my husband and I were looking
through his old pictures. He showed me a picture of him
that was taken when he went to a theme park in '92. He was
on a rollercoaster and sitting behind him was my sister and
myself. In another picture, he was standing in front of a
stage at a concert. Off to his side, at the edge of the
picture, there I stood with my friends. And we talked
about the coincidenses and learned that he had made had
made that certain friend on the same day. It was destined
to happen and I also think that so is everything else.