How did I even get this far...?
2001-11-14 05:55:18 (UTC)

Current mood: Hopeful


Alright, I'm writing in this thing again. I just got off
of the phone with Sheena. Quite the good friend indeed.
Sometimes I wish we had something more, because we
compliment each other really well. Other times I'm
thankful I have her as just a friend because I don't know
what I'd do if we were to choose to go our seperate ways.
Sheena, if by some chance you happen to read this, please
don't laugh at that. Anyway, my current mood for today is
hopeful. I'm hopeful for what I have in store for the
future. I got to talk to my advisor today, and I'm
finally going back to school. I have to work tomorrow :)
That oughta be fun fun fun! Ed's mother passed away this
morning. It's a shame she's gone, but in a way, this has
led to me being hopeful. As long as I've known her, she's
been suffering. Hopefully now, she is in a place where
there is no suffering. Lately I don't know what that
place is, or if it even exists...but I know that her
spirit will live on. I did good not smoking for the past
2 days. I had a half of a cigarette yesterday, and I went
all day today without one. That is, until I went out
tonight and I was bored so I went to eat n' park and
smoked :( That's ok though. I will continue my quest to
quit smoking tomorrow, and hopefully it will go well.
Still no girlfriend. Still need to drop a few pounds, but
for the most part, I feel good about myself and my life.
Tomorrow I tackle another day, and hopefully it will go
well. But, until next time, I need sleep.