Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-11-14 04:42:55 (UTC)

Chance is with me

ok, so once again, this entry will be about "that guy"....
so the thing is, I met up with him at the bars and I asked
him to bring me home.... we drove here, and he came
upstairs... now the thing is, all we did was talk and fool
around. I didn't sleep with him! so I'm worried that he
thinks I don't like him... gawd, immature I KNOW! but I'm
so baffled by his unability to call me! for fucksake, if
he didn't like me, he wouldn't have came now would he!?
And he's such a sweetie, and we have sooooooo much in
common! Man, I just know that this will happen for me...
yet, I'm worried it won't! If he was out there, and I found
him.... I should be happy right!? But what if he isn't
mine... and he never will be..... should I still be happy?!