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2001-11-14 04:40:33 (UTC)

dreams, what do they really mean???

Oh I so forgot to tell you that I had a freaky dream last

Dar is one of my best friends. Her and Bean are it. I
dont know what I would do if anything happened to either
one of them. Dar went away to boot camp for the Navy, and
I havent gotten much of a chance to talk to her, and I miss
her like crazy. But last night I had this dream that I
went to her funeral. I was like omg this cant be
happening, then I would wake up and be like ok it was only
a dream. Well I would return back to sleep and continue my
dream. It felt so real. Unbelievable, how can I even
dream something like that? All I keep seeing is her lying
there in that casket. I almost feel the sypathy and regret
again, not that I did anything, but that she isnt here
anymore. I miss her so much now, but if she was gone
gone...omg I dont even want to think about it. We said
that when she left we would stay in contact, and neither
one of us has made that much of an effort, but we are still
here for one another. Maybe not physically but mentally
and emotionally. I love Dar, and I dont want anything bad
to ever happen to her. But I do have to go now, I will
write later....

Andrew I love you lots lovey! ! !