Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-14 04:34:56 (UTC)

What's Eating Jonah Jibblewhit?

It would be great if you could add, like _shit_, to this
page. You know, adorn it with doodles, borders, odd
patterns. Or maybe you can...I don't know???

Dear Diary,

My life totally sucks. It reeks of suffering, lack of
purpose, lack of dedication. Today I forgot there was a
test, and so I'm pretty sure that I failed it miserably.
If I fail another one, I'll probably have to go to summer
school. Mom's been working double shifts to keep the bills
paid. Ever since Dad left, she's had a lot of trouble
keeping our heads above water.

Little Joey and Jessica have been coming home late for the
past couple of weeks. I'm sure Mom won't be able to do
anything about that. Maybe it'll be up to me to do some of
the disciplining, but I'm tired. I'd rather hang out by
the creek and watch the clouds drift by.

Eddie and Muncho are still harassing me every time I walk
by them in the halls. I've heard that Eddie might be
moving. I hope so, that's just one less asshole I'll have
to deal with.

Haven't seen Sarah in a while. I wonder if we're still
boyfriend-girlfriend? Oh well, I'll call her and ask her.

Man does life suck.