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2001-11-14 04:30:45 (UTC)

i gotta go back to the begining

yea i really mean that. i think that my life was alot
better when i didnt think about love and it happyness or
sadness. i liked life when it was simple. when i could just
go to school and do my work. up intill the third grade i
was a strait A student. and then i saw her. a girl that
caught my eye. then i liked her from that day on. and i
still have some feelings for her. well she is my step
sister now so i kinda have alittle feelings for her. but
when i didnt know what girls were posible of i was perfect.
uncuropted by the outer world. i was me and myself and
well "I". i didnt have to worry about my looks and what
impression i had to make on my peers. at my old school that
what it was all about. who caared about your grades. just
as lon as you wore vans with a quick silver T you were
cool. but at DSA its not like that. i can wear whatever i
want and not get judged on it. i do what i want when i
want. my grades are better now. but that period that i only
cared about who i liked and what i could do to get her or
him to like me. it was a hard time because i thought that
was what i was suposed to do and it wasnt. i wish i could
just go back to the begining. in the begining at DSA me and
chelsea were in sepretable. and now that we are nothing but
seperate. i hate it i a kick myself everyday thinking of
what i did wronge and only to think about the fact that i
didnt do anything and she is just thinking of weird things
just to get me to not like her anymore. she like me in the
begining. she might have loved me again. but now she has
gone back to her old ways of likeing any guy that sets eyes
on her. but if our paths were ment to cross like i thought
it would have alrealy happened. but yea. i talked to
lindsey. she is a trumpet player from my school. she is
nice. nicer then any girl i know. she has a really sweat
voice and she likes talking to me. buut she not interested
in me and nor am i , i dont think . she is one of chelseas
friends. and if i would go out with lindsey i would never
hear the end of it. from chelsea i mean. but yea. i guess
ill leave you with that to think about . if your realy are
there. i dont know. i wish i knew everything. but i think i
would overload even more then i already am. well bye bye