Blonde And Dangerous
2001-11-14 04:19:41 (UTC)

i'm horrible at this...

All of a sudden, I don't write very much anymore. Hmm...
DANCE FRIDAY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I better get to dance with
Brandon, although Jill will be just downright pissy.
Hehe... And I better finally give Zach that dance, too.
Dang, that's two more slow dances than I had last year.
I thank God Jill won't be there. Her and Matt; woo!! For
God's sake, his pants were UNZIPPED!!!!!! ICKIES!!!!!
That was gross... I'm so happy she's a freshman now.
I need to work on both of my sites; westwinger and
thisladyluck. My personal sites farther than my west wing
site, which so far has been done by MC. God bless MC.
I have absolutely nothing else to write about. None of my
31 friends are on MSN. :( My only e-mail is from here,
telling me I needed to update, which was perfectly obvious
Suppose I could go mess around with my site! Yah, that's
Boy, sometimes I just get these great ideas. Who knew?

"Love me, Love me, say that you love me"