Absolute Mayhem
2001-11-14 04:18:16 (UTC)

life is good...for the most part

AH! history test tomorroow...gonna fail like a piece of
shit. i didnt study cuz yeah i was studying for bio. i
talked to adam tonite....alot that was i was suppsoed to go to his house for a few
hours to study for world studies but my parents were both
not feelin well so i had to stay home. gay. but i might be
going to a STP bball game tomorrow (wink wink) and then
another on thursday so hopefully maybe at like half time
adam and i can get some time for friday harry
potter comes out....i cant wait! Im takn one of my best
friends Adrienne Schlack to it and then she'll spend the
nite. and saturday nite...another movie possibly with adam
and i duno who else. lol. ya know i used to think jessica
truitt was a major bitch..and i can still see why she could
come off like that..but ya know...she really isnt that bad.
as i got to know her more and more in PE shes actually just
a nomral girl who loves to bitch like me! lol. yesH..there
are some major bitches at ND but they aren't bitchy to me.
lol. haha they know i could take them if i wanted and beat
their asses. lol. jk. france fricano is hilarious. i donno
how we ever got to talking alot..but now we talk whenever
we see each other. i dont think the St. Mark's girls like
it too much that i sit with claire and tara and ashley
shepline and france sometimes. but im just meeting everyone
i can. lol. remmeber this is only like the 13'th week of
school. lol. ya know...the only bad thing about going out
with adam is that if we ever were to have an
ugly break be losing my best friend in the world
and my boyfriend...its kinda gonna hit me hard if it ever
happens. ive always considered him one of my best
friends..but never the best of the best....until like 2
weeks ago. i realize we talk the most to each other than
anyone else and i dunno...we just get along soo well. lol.
and...well....i think ive said my off to lala
land to sleep. smell ya lata. lol.
lovin livn, livin lovin, its all good,