daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-11-14 04:17:20 (UTC)

Did he?

Horrors, I think J called me "hon" today. But I'm not
sure since it happened so fast and I was busy and
concentrating on my work.

Shoe department got a hundred percent today in the
annual store Snowflake Walk/Prick Waving Contest. Hence my
very first "Great Job!" pin and the smile on my face.
Those little pins are hard to come by and they are a mark
of some significant contribution to the store. Despite my
usual cynicism, it rocked my socks off when L2 handed me my
pin. If one somehow manages to earn four one is given a
free share of stock in Wally World. I don't know if that
has ever been accomplished, though. Great day at work with
L2-we had to choose 124 pairs of shoes to MTR and almost no
customers. However, we had some theft, as usual, including
a switched pair that smelled so disgusting it gave me the
dry heaves.

Jamie is supposed to have her baby today. She's L's
cousin and she's told me so much about the baby that it
seems as if I've been actively involved in the pregnancy,
heh. The name that Jamie's picked is hideous: Bre^anna.
She's spelling it like that, too. How stupid is that? L
shares my opinion and has resolved to call her Annie. So
far, Annie (which is what I refer to her as, too) is in
good health and should come into the world okay. I am
awaiting details from L.

I bought a great new comforter that looks just like
the sky from Van Gogh's "Starry Night", one of my favorite
paintings. It was the last one left in the twin size.
I've been meaning to buy it for a long time, and when I
discovered two days ago that there was only one left, I had
to buy it, and to hell with my father's decree that I must
save every dime from my paycheck for the car. This is too
cool a thing to pass up. It has been calling my name for
th longest time, and now we are together, heh.

I just realized that I've never written about *the*
weird J incident, like I promised myself I would so long
ago. Stupid, procrastinating me. I'll do it later. I
won't promise tomorrow. Every time I do I don't write for
a week. Until I feel like writing again I remain the cozy