my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-14 03:35:52 (UTC)

Could I be any happier?

I'm just the happiest little thing ever....why i'm not so
sure. but why question a good thing right! So i just got
back from the game and it was just great...the game not to
shabby..we jsut kicked ass tonight...7 to 2. and the other
team was quite ugly i'd have to say the uglyiest team in
the leage! Karen showed up avec her new beau...and i was
just a nut...the first time he meet me i was so quite and
shy and tonight i've just been flying..all on natural high
no drugs or alcohol, thankyou very much..
anther thing that is just great is Kerfy said that i have
an amazing smile...the best smile he has ever seen..Which
is just so darn sweet and nice.. dont get compliments so
much anymore. and it felt nice.
OAC kinda sux really bad. i've been with the same boys for
the past 5 years and that gets really boring really fast.
Next year will be much better. I cant wait to go get my
hair done tomorrow I'll look like a little shirley temple a
short mass of ringlets all around my face...
I'm easily amused if you haven't noticed. Oh and Nathan
scored a goal tonight! can you belive that? If he is not
going to get in a fight and beat off on the ice he might as
well just score....ha ha ha ha ha ha. What a beautiful
day.I just cant wait till cut day and get
the math test over day!