Love, Sex and College
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2001-11-14 03:13:45 (UTC)

He called me

I am so happy, Andrew called like a half an hour ago, we
talked for like 10-15 minutes, he is only like 45 minutes
away from me at a Denny's with his brother. He is ok, all
is good, he got to sing back-up on a song with his favorite
band of all time, Iced Earth. I am really happy. He may
even stop by, but I am not going to hold my breath. At
least he will be calling back later.

I am also happy since me and Tucker worked on my story for
the "Night Owl" the tv here at school. It is going to kick
so much ass. I am really happy.

On the down-side I completly had a nervous breakdown. But
now I am doing better. I think the Night Owl story and the
phone call from my baby turned things around. Well, I will
write more later.