Ho Ho Holly
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2001-11-14 03:06:20 (UTC)

The Love of My Life


I relaized things today that i would never normal of

I sat around with my boyfriend just talking about stuff...
and it helped me alot i mean i had alot of stuff on my mind
and he helped me figure everything out... he is so great..
i mean seriously he means everything to me, he is the
defination of a real man, he is always there when i need
him and he always does his best to make me feel better,
drys my tears and kisses me when im shaking. I never
thought b4 this day that i was trully gonna be with him
forever... i mean i will admit that i had doubts but today
he showed me that we were ment to be togther forever and
that he wasnt going anywhere... despite the fact he still
loves his ex and always will... that is just something i am
going to have to learn to live with.. i completely
understand where he is comming from.. i was there once and
know how is feels... to proved to myself today that i can
love myself and the people around. Having somebody there to
take care of me when i need them had been the greatest
thing he has ever done for me... as he talked of the phone
and talked my really good friend out of giving up her
viginity to some random person and told her it should be
special and all he also said that there was a distinct
feeling you get when you kiss somebody you love and you
just know that thats the person... his kisses send chills
up my spine and i still get butterflies in my stomach as if
it were our first kiss... It shows you that i am always
worrying if i am good enough to keep him happy but i also
proved to myself today that i do keep him as happy as i
physically can without taking away from my own happiness...
i supply him with enough love to last the rest of our
lives... when i met him i fell in love with his eyes.. i
knew he had a girlfriend and all and i respected that but
there was something about him that made me want him so much
and i wanst about to let on that i liked him for i got hurt
to much and love and decided that i wanst gonna get hurt
anymore... soon after he confessed he was falling for me
and after a long tedious week or two we kissed for the
first time. from that moment on it was proven to me that i
was in love and there was nothing i could do to stop it no
matter how much i wanted to.. i decided to take a chance
and live a lil he gave me the courage to love again... look
at where my risk got me... 6 months on pure happiness and i
know the happiness will last forever i just know... we have
both made our mistakes and we acknowledge them and
understand that we both need to work to keep the
realtionship good... it takes alot of work... but im
willing to put forth everything in me to make it work.. cuz
i know that the moment i take a lil away from my effort
something bad will happen and i am not about to let that
happen at all.. today i learned that there is somebody out
there for everybody and never give up till you find them,
you will get hurt sometimes.. but in the end when you find
the one you love.. its so worth it... The incredible
feeling god gives you inside just makes you feel so great
to be alive... i have gave him apart of myself i could
never give anybody else and im happy i dont regret anything
that i have given or done with him and i never will... i
also learned that if a guy crys for you... sheds just one
tear you know its love.... exspecially if its in front of
you... it has taken us almost 6 months to know eachother so
well that we know eachother better then we know ourselfs
and in many ways thats good we know how to keep eachother
happy and pleased i love pleasing him and showing him i
love him in anyway i possibly can.. andi just want to say
that i have met the man of my dreams...


love always~
ho ho holly

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