All in the Night
2001-11-14 02:57:57 (UTC)

things that make me ill

Ok i've realized that there are A LOT of things that really
piss me off. For instance, we had a substitue in band
yesterday. OK well i know that we weren't being the best
students in the world, but we really weren't as bad as she
made us out to be. I mean you really can watch a movie and
lay down at the same time...your kids have been out of
school for over 3 years, get a life and quit comparing us
to them....of course in a parent's eyes, we(as a band) will
never be as good as when her children were there.
SOmething else that makes me ill is the fact that she was
like "who are the section leaders, you should have taken
responsibility and calmed them down" if she was going to
call anybody out, it should have been the DRUM MAJORS. I
do believe that having the title of drum major means that
they have somewhat more authority than we do. They DIDN'T
even come out to the room when the rest of us were being
screamed at and lectured. They could have at least had the
decency to quit playing solitare for 30 minutes and come
out to join the rest of us...and they say that it's "our
band" and "we should take responsibilty" for our
actions...i don't see how they can write that note on the
board and then not even DO ANYTHING!!!! OK anyways, now
that that's off my chest. I had like the best day at work
today. Amanda and Jessica and i were all on registers and
Walter was there (he's so cool) and all we did for most of
the time was stand around and talk. They are such a trip!
OK but then Amanda and i came home and my parent's gave me
a lil' surprise party...it was sweet! Anyways, i guess i'm
gonna sign out....