Lost Slut
2001-11-14 02:49:42 (UTC)


ever have one of those days?? mine started last nite while
i was talking to a close friend..she was trying to help me
understand a family matter...she said something that in my
twisted mind saw as a attack..and i responded in kind..i
took my pound of flesh..funny thing is that i had done it
before i had even known i did friend was very
hurt..i felt so hurt that i had put my friend through my
pain...i know she was only trying to help me....god i felt
like a heel....i hope that she heels quickly...this is a
very close friend...i thought i was becoming more sensitive
in my mind frame....unless i was being very bitchy...but i
thought that only happened to girls..later..
ps i'm sorry i hurt you dear friend.