2001-11-14 02:42:38 (UTC)

Resolving my problems

So this whole David thing has been driving me crazy. Even
though it shouldn't, because we did come to the conclusion
that we will be friends. But when Julia goes to hang out
with him or is talking to him, I can't help being jealous
and annoyed and upset and angry all at once. It has been
making me miserable. I thought about it last night, and
life is starting to make more sense...slowly, but surely. I
want to be loved and cared for. I need a good hug every so
often. For a little while Daivd was really caring. He
always gave me a hug. I didn't need anything more. I didn't
need kisses or groping. Hugs!! They make me feel better.
But then it just abruptly ended. No more hugs. And since no
one else around here really gives me hugs, it made me
really really sad. We could have still been friends, but
friends that hug. I need huggy friends. This sounds so
ridiculous. But I am lonely and sad. Usually the way I feel
better is by going to my friends and they take care of me
and help me to feel better. One of the best ways to make me
feel better is a good long warm hug. No one around here
seems to understand that idea.
So life goes on...ob la di ob la da. I will continue on
with my life, hugless. Yet I have a new understanding of
myself and my needs. Hopefully, someone will want to hug
me - besides my teddy bear.