Puzzling out my life
2001-11-14 02:37:30 (UTC)

incredibly frusterating day

yesterday Scott came over, and we made plans to go to
the movies. Dad came into the house around noon, and saw
scott there, and started pouting about having wanted me to
work, which he hadn't mentioned at all before that moment.
He then told Scott to stay out of my bedroom, because it
was disrespectful. When we got home, Scott was standing in
my doorway, talking to my mother, while I was checking my
messages, and my father started bitching about how he had
directly disobeyed my father's requests.
Fast forward to today: Dad threw a temper tantrum
because I left my tent in his office after faire ended. He
had asked me to get it out this weekend, but I couldn't
becuase it has been raining like mad for a week now, and I
need to set the tent up and clean it. He threw the tent
into my bathroom, and told me that I could deal with it as
I see fit. He then fired me, because I'm never available
when he needs me. For his information, I have blown off
plans with friends twice last week, just so I could get hom
to help him out, only to have him tell me that he didn't
need me after all. I have also asked him repeatedly if he
needed me, had him say no, then get mad because I didn't
come home, and he had work for me. At this rate, I'll never
have 600 bucks by Dec. Tonight, he got mad because the tent
was still in my bathroom. I had just gotten home from
school, and he said some bull shit about having seen me on
his way out of the valley, which is true, but since he had
seen me 15 minutes before, across town, I don't see how
that proves his point. Regardless, he's now saying that he
will never lend me another thing again, and that he isn't
helping me out with any favors any more, which is funny,
since I never ask for anything, he ffers it of his own free
will. But now I have to come up with a hell of a lot of
money in three weeks, or else I'll be stuck in this hell
hole for the rest of my life, living with the king bastard