jon's babie forever
2001-11-14 02:31:57 (UTC)

Here Comes Prince Charming

I'm sorry I'm lagging behind but I have been busy.

On October 28, my church had a costume party that was held
on top of a three-story building. I took Monique; I was in
a poodle skirt and she was a prom queen.

Anyway, we got there a little early and for a while we just
socialized. I knew Jon would be there so were were keeping
an eye out for him, too. Finally we saw him!

On the roof we were on there was a small room where they
kept the food. But to get into that room you had to climb
stairs that were only one step up and three steps down.
Well, Monique saw Jon go in there and she said to me, "Come
on, we gotta go in there!"

I followed her, and waited as she climbed the stairs. It
was a funny sight; she was tripping all over her long
dress! ;) When she was finally done tripping I began to
climb them carefully to be careful, and I look up to see
Jon! He held his hand out to me and helped me down the
stairs! Oh, it was the few second that seemed like hours.
It was like Prince Charming coming for the Princess, even
though he was a rock star and I was a 50's teenybopper.

After I thanked him I ran up to Monique and we both freaked
out. That was definitely one of the highlights of that
party. I was so thankful I brought Monique!!!

But, he was there when Monique was tripping down the
stairs. My skirt only reached my ankles while Monique's
touched the floor. The funny thing is... he helped me, and
I wasn't the one who really needed the help.

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