wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
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2001-11-14 02:26:35 (UTC)

Keep Lancer Pride Alive... :)

Hmm...I'm tired...Played Basketball today in the Semis...We
were soo close to winning. GDHS beat us 36-33. Sad, but I
know that next year, we can do awesome. I had 7 points, I
need to work on my shot some more. Get my accurate. :)
Anyways, it was a good season. Volleyball's next, dunno how
try-outs will go because apparently the coach is the same
one who cut me last year. *Bi-otch* Ah well, I'll try, if I
do get cut, I'll find other things to keep me occupied. I'm
trying to study for my biology test, but it's just not
working. I despise Bio. A kid at school had a seizure
today, it was kinda scary/depressing. I think he's alright
though. We played Asshole on Spare again. I'm the reigning
president :) That's cause I rule :) Not too much is new,
and I'm tired, and I'm gonna end this. See Ya.

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