Blood Stained Window on my mind
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2001-11-14 01:40:19 (UTC)

She said she was a failure... But the truth Is, I am, she's not

I'm so sorry I made her sad...

I can't even fucking do things like everyone else... I can
only bring pain, suffering and tears around me... I'm a
fucking failure... That's all

I think this term will stick


She described me perfectly

I'm a failure for everyone else...

My parents hates me, I'm a failure, they don't fucking care
of me, they wish I wasn't like that...

and i really mean it... i told my mom my dream I had for
the last year... That I wanted to go in India, maybe live
their.... and all the bitch said was... "You will see, your
drug trip will end you up in prison"

WTF? What about the drugs? I don't fucking want to go there
for drugs dammit... I want to go there for myself... But
she don't fucking understand...

My father... Well he don't talk to me anymore... So I guess
it says it all...

And I could fucking go on and on...

All of this because I stopped school and want to fucking
live instead of doing a BAC get a fucking 200 000$ a year
job... they always have been shitting on me... with your
intelligence, you'll be able to do anything you want in
your life... blablabla... but i don't care about the
money... and don't want to do a job only for that,
DAMMIT... If my job gaves me the minimum salary... i don't
fucking care.. what care is: do I love it?

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